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Books about Australia

In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson
Cold Beer and Crocodiles : A Bicycle Journey into Australia by Roff Smith
Lonely Planet Outback Australia by Rob Van Driesum
Sydney (Eyewitness Travel Guides) by Ken Brass
Surviving Australia : A Practical Guide to Staying Alive by Sorrel Wilby
Rough Guide to Australia by Margo Daly
Australia: Journey Through A Timeless Land by Roff Martin-smith & Sam Abell

Online Travel Sites

Australian travel website is getting ahead of traditional retailers like its own significant share holder Harvey World Travel.

Some other travel websites:
Last minute line up of rental vehicles:

Australian Tourist Commission

Here is quote from Australian Tourist Commission. “Australia is a land full of powerful experiences just waiting to be discovered. Encounters with our incredible wildlife on land and in the water will truly open your eyes wide in astonishment. And as well as adventures for adrenaline seekers there are plenty that anyone can enjoy.”

Oh, well wildlife and adrenaline seems to be the main theme.
What about Patrick White and his literary works?